January 30, 2012

Behind The Scenes of S.O.B (Siss On Bare) S/S 2012 Collection Shoot

I had the pleasure of doing the hair and make up for the S.O.B (Siss On Bare) S/S 2012 Lookbook. The designer, Intan, was the loveliest lady and I had a heap of fun on this shoot! I can't wait to see the finished, edited photos!

Down at the very bottom, there's also a video of the behind the scene footage shot on the day.


This is the awesome behind the scene video that was filmed on the day! If I knew I was going to be filmed, I totally would've brushed my hair and put on some make up!!! 


  1. Phoebe, this is so incredible! You have the most amazing job ever!! You did a beautiful job, all the models look stunning :D


  2. I love looking at behind the scenes pics and videos. Especially watching MUAs working wonders on models. They looked great! Thanks for sharing Phoebe :)

  3. wow thank you for sharing! looks like a gorgeous shoot- you'll have to show us the prints when they come out :)xx

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  4. congratulations in doing the makeup :)

  5. Congratulations darling, looks like you did a great job, can't wait to see the final photos :D