January 31, 2012

OCC Lip Tar Review

Oh OCC Lip Tars.. Where do I even begin to describe how AMAZING this product is, not only for working make up artists, but for the general public. The pigmentation, the range of colours, how little you have to use, I can go on and on about the pros of this product but I will stop here so I can do the proper list below! 

 (L-R: Hush, Memento, Melange, Pageant, Trollop, Grandma, Safety Orange, NSFW, Katricia)
 This is really all your need for your lips, well for normal lips... I have quite large, full lips so I need a bit more, but even so.. a little goes a LONG way!

  • Pigmentation is AMAZING
  • Colour range
  • Long lasting - NSFW is sometimes hard for me to take off because it stains my lips.
  • Very cheap considering what you are getting - AU$16 from Makeup And Glow and Lehved.
  • Lightweight
  • So easy to mix and match colours to suit whatever you need
  • Lovely sheen
  • Can be drying 
  • Accentuates dry patches on your lips, so make sure that you exfoliate your lips VERY well before using this.
  • Can stain your lips
  • Separates when you keep them still for too long but all you have to do is just shake it and it'll be fine to use again

(One of my favourite shades, Trollop)

Final thoughts:
I don't know what I would do with this product while I am out freelancing. The NSFW shade is my favourite red, it looks BEAUTIFUL on everyone I've ever put it on. I used it recently at a photoshoot and I kept going in to check if the colour was bleeding and it seriously lasted hours! It lasted until the model decided to take it off before going home! I would definitely recommend this product to anyone who wants to experiment with colours and mixing them up. I personally really want to get Anime, Beta, Interlace and Vintage next! 


  1. Wow these are so gorgeous! They are CRAZY pigmented!!! Very pretty :)

  2. Omgsh I've always wanted to try these lip tars!!
    Each shade is so lovely.
    Trollop looks amazing on your lips by the way!

  3. OMGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGGG it's like a pretty pretty pony rainbow hahah.. the colors are SOO GORGEOUS! i have to agree with you that trollop color is stunning on you!

  4. i'm definitely intrigued to try these out! they look amazing :D

  5. Great review and swatches Phoebe! I've been eying OCC Lip Tars for ages now!!! I think the reason I haven't gotten any yet is that I cannot get them in person and would have to buy them online. Hush looks like a the kind of blue based pink that I love to wear ;) And Trollop looks amazing on you.

  6. whoaa that is really pretty! now i want themmm cos of your great review! n_n

    ps its okay for u to be nosy, everyone is a little hehe ;D

  7. Wow Trollop looks so pretty on you! I always steer away from reds but I'm entertaining the idea to get NSFW now because of this review! :D

  8. The colour range of these is absolutely stunning! I have so many favourites, it's hard to just pick one...and for the price...NOT BAD! I wonder if they compare to the Sleek ones.
    Ps. Trollop looks amazing on your lips :D

    Anca :)

  9. I want them all now !!

    Gr8 blog :)....Wanna follow each other with GFC, Twitter and Facebook ?

    ♡ StylishByNature.com

  10. These are amazing! I use the Sleek Pout Paints because they are really similar, a bit cheaper and easier for me to get hold of.. would love to try these one day though..x

  11. nice swatches, some of those colors are really cool like the purple on the right, might not be able to wear them out on daily basis lol but it would make a cool photo!

  12. i've never tried these but i really want to! have you ever tried the sleek paint pouts? which is better? xx

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  13. Trollop is gorgeous! These lip tars look so pigmented!!!! wow!

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  16. you got sexy full lips, Phoebe!
    You're right excellent pri$e point!

  17. they look amazing! :))

  18. they look beautifully pigmented and all the colours look amazing! Really like the pink shade on your lips!

  19. amazing review!!! I love OCC, the color range is so high-end!!!

  20. These are so pretty! I love how pigmented the colors are. That's too bad they're drying though, because my lips are always dry naturally; these wouldn't work too well for me I think. I really like a lot of the colors though :)

    1. My lips are dry too most of the time dear! But I just make sure I do a lip scrub (like the Lush one or just even with warm water and a wash cloth to scrub) and it works perfectly! :D