January 11, 2012

Make Up For Ever Haul!

So, Make Up For Ever stuff can only be purchased at a few places here in Australia. I always get my stuff from Media Makeup Store because as a make up artist, I get 25% off (lucky me!) but comparing the prices to here and overseas... it is still cheaper overseas, even WITH my discount, how crazy is that! 

I wanted to get the HD foundation because I LOVE them, they look beautiful in photos and I can also use them with my airbrush machine (once my Make Up For Ever Thinner arrives from UK!) so I don't have to carry 2 different sets of foundation. 

I also got some HD products because I've heard so many great things about them. I got the HD Elixir, Primer and the Powder. I do think they're great products but after seeing gossmakeupartist's video about the HD powder, it scared then bajeesus out of me, which led to my other purchase of the Super Matte Loose Powder which he said was fabulous. 

The rest were just random things I've wanted to try and after trying them out, I do love their lipglosses. They're not sticky, they smell yummy and they stay on very well! 

I will also be posting up my haul from Lehved soon! (Who are having a 20% off sale at the moment! Get on it ladies!!) They just arrived yesterday and I'm picking up my package from Makeup And Glow today! Eeeeep! I get so excited when I get new products!

Make Up For Ever HD Foundation

Make Up Forever HD Products

Make Up Forever Super Matte Loose Powder - Translucent Natural 
Make Up For Ever Duo Mat Powder
Make Up Forever Lab Shine #S24
Make Up For Ever Liquid Lift Concealer #3 

 (L-R: #117, #118, #140, #155, #170, #180)


  1. FREAKING AWESOME!!!!!!! You got so much foundation!!!!!! :)

  2. thank you for the comment hun! you're sweet <3
    i'm feeling a little better now

    hugs always!


  3. I love makeup forever!! You have to get the translucent powder! I use it everyday

    BTW think about the transformer prime! I love it!


  4. OMG!!! So much MUFE!!!!
    I absolutely love it (minus them being more expensive) !!! This foundation is amazing, definitely one of my favourites!!


  5. I have yet to try a MUFE product, it's not widely available here. The lipglosses sound promising :) x

  6. wow you got alot! I have quite a few too . The HD powder is love!


  7. I love the forever HD foundation! But the same issue as you, how cheaper it is over seas!!!
    It looks SO good in photo's though.

  8. Gossmakeupartist is one of my fav beauty guru on youtube. He's like my makeup school lol. Great haul too. The foundations looks so pigmented.

  9. Geeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee!!!! + LOL
    Btw I am doing online shop selling cool Japanese cosmetics, so plz check it out if you are interested! ThanX!

  10. I love MUFE foundation. It makes my skin look so flawless.