January 6, 2012

R.I.P Pro Lumiere

R.I.P my sweet sweet Pro Lumiere! I completely and utterly was devastated when I heard that the Chanel Pro Lumiere was being discontinued! It was my go-to foundation in my kit and it gave the most BEAUTIFUL finish. This foundation is perfect for people with dry-combination skin in my opinion, because it gives such a gorgeous luminosity without looking oily. If you have oily skin, I would not suggest this because I find that in the hot heat that is Australia, people with oily skin tend to get shiny very quickly. 

I know it's cruel to be swatching something you guys can't buy (though I do know that Strawberrynet still has #10 Limpide for sale.. Grab it up ladies!) but I couldn't help it.

Sigh... Parting is such sweet sorrow my dear Pro Lumiere :(

L-R: #10 Limpide, #20 Clair, #30 Cendre, #60 Hale


  1. Aww sorry to hear about your favorite foundation being discontinued! :(

  2. :O! WAIT, no. This is not good. I have dry skin but I've been using Makeup Forever HD Mat Foundation all this time.... had no idea the Chanel Pro Lumiere would be good for dry skin! :) Aww, I wish it wasn't discontinued! =( Isn't there a new Chanel foundation that recently came out? I remember watching a video of FleurDeForce on YouTube reviewing it! :) Maybe you could try the new one and see how it goes! :D


  3. Ohhh I had no idea they were discontinuing it, and I wanted to try it so badly :( Thanks for letting me know, I'll se if I can find one in stores, but then again it would be terrible if I fell in love with it and then couldn't buy it anymore! x

  4. Love this!! Sad times :(



  5. it is always such a pain when products are discontinued! always wanted to try this

    chlo @chlowitty blogs
    having a little giveaway too!

  6. I love the range of colors that this comes in. It's always good to have a variety.

    Twitter: @GlamKitten88

  7. Thank you for the comment on my blog :) My bedsheets are actually just a throw from Primark, quite a while ago! But I am sure you could get a quilted looking throw anywhere :)

  8. Omg why are they discontinuing it? :( I haven't tried it, but it's been on my "To Try" list for the longest because a few of my blogger friends have said it's one of the best foundations they've used. Hopefully Dior puts in a good replacement product for this foundation...

  9. What other foundations do you recommend? I'm using use Make Up Forever HD right now.

  10. i love your blog! deffo following you!

    check out mine sweet! would love you too..



  11. O: REALLY?! discontinued.. it was on my list of foundations to try >__< maybe I will swing by my nordstrom counter and see if they have my shade... LOL

  12. I've never tried a chanel foundation as i do have oily skin and i've heard there isnt really a chanel foundation to suit oily skin that needs extra coverage ... but i know i would be devastated if my beloved estee lauder double wear is ever discontinued .... rip pro lumiere xoxo