January 27, 2012

Tips & Tricks: Make up For Wearing Glasses

I love love LOVE big nerdy glasses and when I posted up a photo of me wearing one, the gorgeous Sharlene from *I-Lashes asked if I could do a tutorial on how to do make up for glasses! And although this isn't really a tutorial, it's more like tips that I have for wearing make up with glasses. 

1. I don't know if any of you guys know this but I LOVE big eyebrows and I know it's not everyone's cup of tea. I think that with glasses, having brows that frame your face and your glasses is really important. Sometimes the glasses take focus, especially if it is a thicker frame but if you have strong eyebrows, it helps with making everything balanced.

2. Define your eyes. When I wear glasses, I think that you lose definition of your eyes and it gets lost because your glasses take focus away. Putting a colour that is a couple of shades deeper than your own skintone in the crease and also under your lower lashes help give that definition back. I also like doing a black gel liner on my top lash line with a bit of a flick to open up the eyes. 

3. Don't put on too much mascara. I don't know whether it's just me but usually when I wear mascara, my lashes touch the glass part and it annoys the living day light out of me. So when I wear mascara, I always just put on 1 coat of mascara on the top lashes and focus more mascara on the bottom lashes. 

& voila! All these tips eventuate to the cam whoring below!

I was totally thinking of doing a video tutorial but I think I'm too shy and I don't even know how to set anything up but maybe in the future I will make one!! :) 


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  2. Are you glasses precription? I love them! Where did you get the frames? :D

    1. These ones are not prescription though I've been looking for one like this for AGES now! I know Ray Bans had one but they discontinued it :( I was so tempted to just take the frames and put in prescription glasses for this one! :P

  3. thank you for your sweet comment on my blog and thank you for following me..and i'm following you back :)

  4. love this!! especially since i wear glasses everyday!! i can def use some of these tips :)!

  5. woww., beautiful., i like it., ^_^

  6. wow! cool eyes :)

    do you wanna follow me? I follow you :)

  7. Your glasses are awesome... I want some!
    You should definitely do video tutorials... would love to see you doing some of your make up looks x

  8. aweesome, !(:

    CMPang x

  9. These tips are great! The eyebrow thing never occurred to me but now that you've said it, it makes so much sense! You look beautiful with your glasses. I also looove big "nerdy" glasses. They're so chic.


  10. i'm too scared to make my eyebrows super big and defined but i know that'd help because i'm a nerd glasses wearer (not the cute kind) lol xD i like your frames!

  11. wauw love it!
    http://fafafoomfarah.blogspot.com/ xo

  12. I love your eye brows! Very pretty!!


  13. I love how u manage to wear the thick eyebrow look. I have been fixing my eyebrows for decades but right now one side is thicker than the other, so FRUSTRATING!!!!! Guess i'll have to go fix it at a shop hahaha

  14. Nice tips on the brows, you sport them really well with the big frames and my my your eyes are big and bright, adds to you already cute looks.

  15. you're so inspiring! i'm following you now!!
    come and have a look at my blog some time :) i'd be delighted to gain you as a new follower!
    xx love


  16. I agree, whenever I wear mascara and wear my glasses they always touch the lens and it bugs me like heck. It's worse when I'm in a hurry and the mascara transfers onto my lens... Gah!
    Thanks for the tips and yeah our eyes does lose definition when we wear glasses, so I tend to wear a bit extra eyeliner/eyeshadow.