January 9, 2012

MAC Blushes Swatches

I don't own many MAC blushes, for the sole reason that I like NARS blushes better but even NARS blushes I only have 2! I think I've never really been a "blush" person but now that I do make up for work I've been slowly collecting then. I've got an order of La Femme blushes coming which I've heard from gossmakeupartist are amazing. 

My favourites out of the MAC blushes are definitely Fleur Power and Harmony. I think that Fleur Power is such a gorgeous colour on paler skin tones and Harmony rocks my socks in contouring. 

Hope you enjoy the swatches and I'm SO sorry Fleur Power is blurry below!

 (L-R: Honour, Fleur Power, Desert Rose, Raizin, Harmony)


  1. i love the desert rose soo pretty:)
    btw I sent your package out today sorry for the delay<3!!

  2. Darling you didn't even need to send anything out! Thank you so much! I can't wait to receive it! :)

  3. fleur power looks amazing! love it :D

  4. These are all so pretty! Can't wait to see some FOTDs :)

  5. ooh i like the look of fleur power too!
    i have desert rose but its too dark for me :(

  6. I don't have many blushes either. I think I have all the NARS blushes I need, haha, which are only 3 of them.

    Fleur Power is pretty! And I can tell by your swatch that Harmony would be indeed perfect for contouring!

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